The new Blue Rabbit 2.0 offers residential play eqipment structures for you. The new total package range includes exciting Play towers, Swings, and extension modules!

    Each item has an original and distinctive design, yet adaptable to fit any budget or available garden space. A grade of flexability allows you to choose between various modalities according to your own needs and desires.

    We supply building boces containing all the high quality components required, including step by step instructions on how to build the play structures. We also supply the matching wood packages.

    These climbing frames are excellent quality. Blue Rabbit 2.0 and its great new towers and modules can be combines to fantastic play centers.

    Blue Rabbit towers are developed with a vew to safety, sturdiness, durability and playing pleasure. the reccommended minimum timber measurements guarantee strong and safe construction.

    With the components and the matching manuals from Blue Rabbit Building boxes you can build safe and attractive playground equipment. Timber kits and slides are included Play and Sports prices.