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    Have a look at our wonderful range of playground equipment. If there is something which you do not see here don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form at the bottom to find out how we can meet your needs.


    Designed and built in Italy, the Gottardo range is produced with playful, imaginative fun for children at its heart. With its use of Aluminium and 30 years experiences, Gottardo products offer the perfect balance of style, durability and safety and has a particularly impressive range for inclusive play. Certificated to EN1176 – the Playground Equipment Safety Standard.


    Europlay Playground equipment -“by children, for children” Europlay actively involves children in all its designs. Playing children are considered Europlay’s fundamental idea. We listen to children and observe their way of play – in their own test bed play area! Certificated to EN1176 – the Playground Equipment Safety Standard.  Safeguarding the environment is achieved by the use of PEFC Certificated Oak, Douglas, Larch & Robinia Heartwood.


    Whether you require play /sports surfacing that will withstand all conditions, look good or be kind to the environment, all our surfacing options put safety first.  Approved to EN1177 – the Playground Surface Safety Standard.


    Our new Playground In-ground trampoline range– the UK’s first purpose-built trampolines, designed especially for in-ground use – is designed for public play areas as well as schools and similar commercial environments. Approved to EN1176 – the Playground Equipment Safety Standard.


    Invented and manufactured by ESAT , a centre for people with disabilities, this beach wheelchair can be used on any terrain and taken straight from the beach to a calm sea. Easy to manoeuvre and take care of, the Tiralo makes the beach fun and accessible for people with limited mobility.


    Overcoming barriers to accessibility is an important objective for any community. Inclusive Play Areas provide a positive impact by creating a focal point for children to learn and play together.

    Our standard product ranges are accessible to a greater or lesser degree to children of various abilities – but if  additional accessibility is required,our inclusive play range complements and completes your  play area – helping children to learn and play together .  Certificated to EN1176 – the Playground Equipment Safety Standard.

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