Europlay Playground equipment -“by children, for children”  Europlay actively involves children in all its designs. Playing children are considered Europlay’s fundamental idea. We listen to children and observe their way of play – in their own test bed play area! This process results in professional playground equipment with a high number of different play values, destined for children of all ages and abilities.



    Europlay stands for highest quality heavy duty play equipment, built according to the European Standards EN 1176. Europlay normally uses environmentally friendly durable wood species like larch, douglas and oak. With the addition of in-ground metal base supports. So no chemical treatment or impregnation is required)

    Bright colours are a great attraction to children and are therefore the hallmark of the “Europlay playground equipment”.


    Their Eco-Play range of playground equipment is characterized by itsr environmentally friendly and playful character and connected to the surrounding nature. This is made possible because of the use of untreated, durable wood species in their natural shape. It’s wiggly – but you’ll like it!


    The Europlay playground equipment ensure that children can always be and stay childish during play