Play and Sports Ltd designs and supplies imaginative play and sports environments.

    Have a look at some of our previous projects.

    From simple swings to outdoor gyms, our premier suppliers offer the highest quality equipment for public sector use. Whilst continually providing the highest quality products, we strive to provide fun, durable and creative play and learning experiences for children, teenagers and adults alike. Take a look below at some of our previous projects and happy customers

    Auchinloch – Indian Village and Playground Games

    Auchinloch Primary School approached us with a dilemma. They needed an environmentally friendly climbing frame, suitable for a wide age range, with sufficient play elements that several children could play on at the same time – and they need it fast! We could offer a great piece of equipment (The Indian Village) that has stood the test of time – the pupils gave us the following opinions on the Indian Village.

    I like playing on the pole – Ashley P2

    It’s fun – Grant P7

    It’s fun to play on – Hannah P6

    It’s fun and its OK and I like the pole – Emily and Erin P3

    I think it’s amazing to play on – Jenna P3

    I like the Indian Village a lot – Karis P2




    Belmont Primary School 

    The school and the local community were very keen to create an attractive play area where children with special needs could play in the company of their able bodied friends. PLAY AND SPORTS Ltd worked with them to create an exciting and colourful play area with a mixture of equipment, some specifically for wheelchair users and some that allows children with disabilities to play alongside their able bodied peers. The rubber wet pour surfacing makes the play areas safer and more attractive – and adds to the play value by including ‘islands’ and ‘yellow brick roads’.

    As one of the first in Scotland to build and integrate a special needs facility within a main stream primary school- the users had the following comments.

    The new play area is so popular that we have introduced a class rota system, as on the first day or two it was like ants in a honey pot. During our recent inspection, HMIe stated that they were impressed by the facility. “The Inclusive Play Area has made a very positive impact on pupils of the Children’s Centre by enabling them to play and interact with their peers.” Both swings allow pupils to sit or lie down to experience movement using their whole body. The two-seat slide has encouraged a child with severe autism to develop social skills and actively seek out contact with others.

    The Play Area is available to secondary school young persons with SCN to enable them to help develop awareness of movement and enjoy experiences which are otherwise denied them.

    The whole facility has created a focal point for children to learn together to suit their own individual needs. Children with SCN’s develop the ability to interact with other children and socialise while those in mainstream learn about disability and caring for others naturally and without adult intervention.”

    The play equipment is of a very high standard, safe and accessible. We are absolutely delighted by the whole play area and the chance it has given everyone to mix and make friends.

    Birmingham Children’s Hospital

    PLAY AND SPORTS worked with capita Percy Thomas and Birmingham Children’s Hospital to create a new outdoor play area in an enclosed courtyard, an area of approximately 316m within the centre of the hospital estate adjacent to the indoor Play Centre.  The play area completed in April 2006 and offers a wide range of activities to a wide age group, it caters for all abilities including those in hospital beds and wheelchairs; children with conditions such as autism were also carefully considered.

    The play area has made a vast difference to The Play Centre, the nursing staff and the families who use this space.  The space achieves what the hospital required and includes areas for solitary play, interactive play, skilled games and energetic play along with relaxed seating areas for both children and adults.

    The design team all worked very closely to achieve a fantastic space for Birmingham Children’s Hospital and the delight that it has given to the children makes this a very rewarding project to be involved with.”

    Barton-le-Clay Progression

    Carmyllie Primary School, Angus

    The Head Teacher was keen to create an activity centre where numerous children could play and exercise while having regard to environmental concerns. We were able meet and exceed her requirements with a durable timber (oak, larch etc.) Adventure Trail that was not pressure treated with soluble heavy metals (brass, chrome …or arsenic!) – so doesn’t need to be treated as chemical waste after its useful lifespan. All timber used had PEFC Certification, the world’s most significant certification for using environmentally friendly wood from controlled sources. After installation, a couple of children were keen to have their thoughts known!

    Carmyllie – Eco Trail

    I like the Eco Trail because it is something else to do rather than just play tig or football. It is also very fun, safe and eco-friendly. Not only is the wood environmentally friendly, it keeps us happy and healthy. It has a wobbly bridge, a stepping rail, a tight-rope, parallel bars, a Carmyllie C and the stepping stones. I also think it is a great thing to put our money to because it is very popular.

    Kirsty, P7

    The best thing about the adventure trail is that you can play for ages and ages on it. My favourite part is the bit that you can hang upside down on and swing across it. I like the adventure trail because it is good for our health and it is very fun.

    Rachael, P5