InGround Trampolines for Gardens

    InGround Trampolines for Gardens

    InGround Trampolines for Gardens

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    Our InGround Trampolines for Gardens are the UK’s first purpose-built trampolines designed specifically for in-ground use.  The kits come with everything you need – strong frame, jump mat and springs, vented safety pads and retaining wall.  All the key features of the trampolines have been designed to a high specification, from the extra long 8.5” galvanised steel springs to the heavy-duty galvanised trampoline frame.

    InGround Trampolines are generally considered safer than above-ground trampolines – with  no raised platform for children to fall off and no ladder to climb.  Parents are more at ease letting younger children play on an in-ground trampoline which requires less supervision.   But if you do have nearby fences, walls etc, we  have with a large range of safety enclosure options, including half nets, full nets, side nets and corner nets (specifically on the rectangular trampolines).

    We continuously search to bring new, fun accessories for your in-ground trampoline, from Magic Night Lights (under trampoline lighting)  to basketball hoops whilst all the time keeping safety paramount in everything we do.

    These Inground Trampolines are by far the highest specification sunken trampoline on the market and we are constantly making improvements to the design as new technologies become available.

    Our Unique Vented Safety Padding System

    Our Inground Trampolines were the first to sit completely flush with the ground.

    Competitors either sat just slightly above the ground (which can be a trip hazard) or the jump mat area sits just below the ground and the pads, which again has safety implications in terms of getting feet caught when jumping between the mat and the pads.  Competitors  designed their inground trampolines  this way  to allow trapped air below the trampoline to escape, to avoid “pad slap” noise.

    Our Inground Trampoline kit has solved this issue by having special vented pads, which allow the air to escape up between the springs and literally through the safety padding. This allows air to pass through the actual jump-mat itself therefore removing this issue of resistance against trapped air, giving a better bounce

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