The Tiralo is a wheelchair for the beach for people with reduced mobility, but it differs from standard wheelchairs as it is amphibious and can be used on any terrain. Without any modifications, it moves easily on any type of terrain, sand or gravel, and enables a passenger with an attendant to go to the beach, and bathe when the sea is calm.

    Unlike some similar chairs, the Tiralo must be steered by a responsible attendant both on the beach and in the water. Luckily, the Tiralo is easy to handle and moves easily, thanks to low-pressure wheels and a steering wheel connected to the handlebars. A disabled person can enjoy bathing in the sea up to the waist if the attendant strictly observes the basic safety instructions.

    The passenger sits comfortably in an ergonomic chair, between two removable and adjustable armrests that also serve as floatation devices. The seat is at half the height of a standard wheelchair, and its special design allows the passenger to easily change positions (beach to Tiralo to wheelchair to car, for example). The user must not be strapped to the seat. If they don’t know how to swim, a life-jacket must be worn. It is best to use the Tiralo in calm waters, in supervised swimming areas.

    Thanks to the quality of the material and a light structure, the Tiralo is comfortable and can be used for long periods of time. The seat, made of non-allergenic nylon fabric, hugs the user’s body while letting sand and water filter out.

    After use, the Tiralo simply needs be rinsed with fresh water and folded away. The wheels and floatation devices are easy to assemble and disassemble without tools, and the Tiralo can be easily transported and stored.


    The Tiralo has a maximum user weight capacity of 130kg.

    The chassis is made of aluminum and stainless steel, and is rustproof.

    It measures 138cm x 105cm x 37cm and weighs 25kg.

    Already a familiar sight on Spanish beaches, the Tiralo has arrived in the UK. It allows people not only to cross the beach but to go right into the water as well. It even floats.” (BBC NEWS In Pictures In pictures Best of Naidex 2006)

    “after an extensive Internet search I chose the Tiralo for my beach wheelchair. I would not have been able to access the water without it. I was able to ride directly from my vehicle right into the sea. We even anchored the chair in the water so that it was a floatation aid during swim sessions… I felt safe and secure even in the surf…” (Graham Gent)

    Tiralo 2
    Tiralo Amphibious Wheelchair